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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Wheeeeeeeeeeeew. I was concerned about disounted travel. But now, thanks to incessant pop-ups from Orbitz and CheapTickets, my problems are solved. It's a good thing I travel serveral times a day and that you have accomodated my schedule by providing pop-ups each and every time I visit. Thanks again. It's a real pleasure.

posted by Jimmy 6:38 AM
Friday, October 25, 2002

Thinking back on the early days of the sniper attacks, I remember Chief Moose saying things like, “our homicide rate just increased by 25% in one day.” What I find most interesting about these statements is that Montgomery County and the District are roughly the same size – between 500,000 and 1,000,000 residents in each – but our murder stats are not similar at all.

Montgomery County had 19 homicides last year, so the five snipings boosted their number of homicides by about 26%.

DC had 233 homicides last year, so the one DC sniping boosted our number of homicides by about 0.4%

It’s not surprising that Chief Ramsey has maintained a low profile – if he became too much of a spokesman in the case, it may draw attention to the fact that it is just one of hundred in our shining city. Granted, we are in much better shape than the mid-90s when you could count on a murder every day. But a murder every 38 hours is still a bit disconcerting and makes you wonder whether the MPD is spending a little too much time playing with red light cameras and not enough time working on violent crime.

Assume for the sake of argument that the slow trend toward fewer murders in DC continues. We had about a 4% decrease in offings last year. If this continues, we should have around 224 in 2002. The target goal for solving homicides had been set at 50%. So, even with an improvement this year, we’re still looking at an unsolved murder every three days or so. Not cool.

Incidentally, if you ever tune into CNN and hear Chief Ramsey say, “our murder rate just increased 25% in one day,” head for the hills. That would mean that nearly 60 people had been smoked.

posted by Jimmy 1:08 PM

As I am not 14 anymore, I can't really get too exited about googling myself more than once a day anymore. Plus, I'm concerned about repetitive-stress injuries in the hand and wrist. That said, I gave myself a quick searchie early this morning and found someone else who thinks DC blows.

Some unnamed aficianado of fantasy soccer posits that "
DC blows monkey ass." Sadly, upon further investigation, it appears he is talking about some soccer team and not the federal bureaucracy. Well, I'm aware that there is a sport called soccer, but I don't know much about it. What I do know about it, I don't much like. Here's why:

1. It appears to be a sport that turns otherwise normal suburban moms into pain-sharing Clintonites.

2. About once a year, it inhibits my ability to have a quiet meal at some South American restaurant.

3. It often gives Brazilians another reason to party, which seems patently unfair.

So, while I share this gentlemen's opinion that DC blows, I really can't share this obsession with soccer, much less fantasy soccer.
posted by Jimmy 7:32 AM
Thursday, October 24, 2002

As I was grabbing lunch today at
Krupin's (which very well may be the only good Jewish Deli in DC) in Tenleytown, I picked up a copy of that neighborhood's local paper, the Northwest Current. A front page article addresses the American Tower issue. In short, a new tower was halfway erected when local anti-property rights activists got the mayor to yank the rug out of under the project, leaving a half-built tower. You can check out the anti-tower site at Stop the Tower. The tower company (of course) sued DC since the tower had been approved.

Keep in mind, this is not a battle over putting a tower in the middle of the Reflecting Pool. It is putting a tower right next to a bunch of other towers. Sure, this one is taller, but who cares? It's not going to all of the sudden make that ugly little peak significantly uglier. The reasons for their objections to this tower cannot possibly be asthetic or they would be trying to demo that whole hill and looking for some historic national tragedy so that they could put in a new marble tribute to (insert mass death here). So, the objection is to a long, tall tower (insert comment about their deep-seeded Freudian fears of inadequate equipment here).

Cell coverage in this town blows. You can't drive up any of the major roads more than 2 miles without getting dropped. And anti-tower agitators are not helping the situation. Face it, we live in the only major city that has a bizarre height restriction. That means we have no super-cool scrapers on which to put antennas. So, that means, we can either live in a one-bar reception wasteland or live with towers.

My suggestion to Tim Cooper and the other heightists: protest by canceling your mobile phone service. And you better not ever consider getting HDTV. Same goes for pagers and wireless internet. I hope your car radio gets ripped off with much egregious and unnecessary window-smashing.

Unless you are a complete Luddite, you simply must come to terms with the trend toward wireless everything. That means towers.

Please feel free to poke fun at these self-rightous electronphobes at stopthetower@marginata.com.

Peter Long
posted by Jimmy 12:20 PM

The kind, forgiving and lovely Jenni at
Kitten Kiss has responded to my Top 20.
posted by Jimmy 8:19 AM

Well, they may have caught the sniper(s), according to
this WaPo piece and the consistently breaking news (after what number of hours does it become silly to continue to call it "breaking?). I hope they've caught the right guy. If not, I hope Mr. Snipeyface takes this as an opportunity to give it up. One quibble with a law enforcement statement. The Post reports:

"The lack of such clues suggests to investigators that the sniper is meticulous in his activities and probably wears gloves when firing his weapon or writing letters to police.

'It's another indication that we are dealing with a very, very careful guy,' a law enforcement official said.

Meticulously wearing gloves while writing a letter to the cops in his own handwriting? If so, Mr. Muhammad/Williams is meticulous, but not terribly bright.

posted by Jimmy 8:03 AM