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Friday, November 22, 2002

Radley picks up on another
pet peeve of mine about this city: Our Chinatown is nearly devoid of anything Chinese. There are probably a dozen places to get a burger there (including Fuddruckers yummy), but only 8 Chinese restaurants.

Well, 8 seems like a decent number, you say?

Georgetown – a neighborhood of whiney WASPs who drive Range Rovers and then complain about parallel parking – has 7. That’s right, our Chinatown is one arch and one restaurant more Chinese than our most lily-white, homogenous, English-speaking, soulless, neighborhood of bitches in Talbot’s hats and cigar-smoking dickspits who golf.

And that, my friends, is yet another reason that DC Blows.

posted by Jimmy 11:17 AM

Well, thanks to a fairly uncommon name, DC Blows has been held the top slot on a Google search for "DC Blows" for some time. This search usually results in the same sites fairly consistently. Here's what you will usually get:

1. This site
2. Other folks kind enough to link to me
3. Gay porn
4. Articles on some sports team that beat some DC team
5. Articles on why Playstation is way cooler than Dreamcast circa 1999

I do not mention this to horn-toot, but as a caveat to those sacred few that actually read this site:

*** If you see a link that says HOTTEST HUNKS! after googling this site, do not click on it if you are at the office (or if you are not a fan of gay hardcore porn).***

Needless to say, I learned this the hard way. Sent into an endless barrage of animated pop-ups, some of which HAD SOUND, I now get strange (and sometimes furtive) glances from the occupants of the surrounding cubes.

posted by Jimmy 10:35 AM

I ostensibly make my meager income from writing.

And I use 63-word sentences. And I don't spell that [well]. And I start sentences with "and." I find this amusing.

posted by Jimmy 10:20 AM

Since Tepper's site is called
Interrobang (and because Davy is verboten), I'm going to list him as Bangy. It either sounds like something the English would eat or something naughty.
posted by Jimmy 10:17 AM

When I was updating my blogroll, I forgot to add Dave Tepper’s Interrobang. I’ve actually been reading for a while, so I’m not sure why I neglected to include it. DC Blows in his section entitled “Other blogs that might be worth reading if you are suffering from insomnia ” or something like that.

admonished me not to refer to him as Davy if I add him to the roster (which would have been the obvious choice), so I’ll have to get a little creative on this one.

He also took a good shot at neighboring Maryland: ”it is actually Maryland that has all the charm of cold pancakes with no butter or syrup.”

This egged on a 63-word sentence from me in his comments section:

Notice that the vast majority of MD is pretty sweet - from the Chesapeake to the Inner Harbor to the hilly west - it's just the parts of MD that are within 10 miles of DC that are a homogenous concrete caverns, lined with TGIFriday's and Mattress Discounters and filled with pain-feeling soccer moms with cars that are slightly too big for them to drive well.

In my opinion, you can’t blame MD that her DC suburbs suck. I blame DC. It’s blow-creep, and it's spreading like a grease stain on a lovely silk blouse.

posted by Jimmy 10:07 AM

You have to check out this site from the
Church Ladies of America. It really seems like a parody, but it's not.


Abstinence: Why Sex Is Worth The Wait
Wal-Mart Faces Pro-Homosexual Attack
Pornography and Child Murder - No Strange Bedfellows
CWA Blasts CBS for High-Tech Strip Show

The pornography section is my favorite, including this article warning that YOU TOO may be inadvertantly be supporting porn by holding investments in evil companies like ATT (you can get porn via phone!), Echostar (you can get porn via satellite!), and VISA (you can pay for porn with it!). The sub-head is great: "Pornography experts reveal shocking behind-the-scene facts, and easy ways to make a difference"

I'm shocked! I'm going to call AT&T and tell them to NOT let people dirty on the phone!

posted by Jimmy 7:34 AM

A conservative compares Saddam to Hitler! How novel!
posted by Jimmy 7:18 AM

Randy Barnett lays out a plan for Republicans to get libertarians back in the tent
on NRO. Fairly reasonable proposal. Shame it will never happen. An excerpt:

While I am not a libertarian who advises others to vote Libertarian, many of my libertarian friends and relatives feel otherwise. They view the Republican party as cavalier about individual liberty, supporting big government when it serves their purposes as much as Democrats do when it serves theirs. What conservative Republicans often fail to realize is that libertarians are an important constituency that should not be ignored or taken for granted lest their votes be driven to the Libertarian party or even to the Democrats. Telling libertarians they should vote Republican despite their serious reservations about Republican policies is futile. These concerns need to be addressed rather than ignored.
posted by Jimmy 6:46 AM
Thursday, November 21, 2002

I used to have sympathy for shrimpers. They’re always getting beat down by the fish-huggers and the greens. But now, after years of being hit by regulation, they’ve decided to stop fighting for the ability to shrimp and start fighting for subsidies and price supports and tariffs. I heard people on NPR feeling their pain yesterday and then found
this article on it in the WaTi.

Why should farmers get all the gravy?

Maybe, in classic DC form, we can start paying them not to shrimp. But that’ll make the other fisherman jealous. So, then we can pay all seafarin’ folks to stop doing what they do. But won’t that affect prices? Sure things will be more expensive to the retailer. So, we’ll have to look into fishmarket subsidies and a federal bailout of Red Lobster.

These guys have a long black trail full of it.

posted by Jimmy 10:51 AM

Holy smoke -
Janey's redesigned her site in green as well. I smell a trend. She undoubtedly is trying to hip-up to regain a spot on my blogroll. No dice.
posted by Jimmy 10:15 AM

Effin’ Eh has a new, more readable look that makes for an easy transition to Unqualified Offerings.

posted by Jimmy 8:11 AM

So many bloggers have waxed Orwellian on the Information Awareness Office's TIA system that I don't need to even address it. But I will point out that 1984 has hit the top 25 on
Amazon's paperback fiction list.

I also found it interesting that on the IAO's website, the other projects listed have a defined "Planned Accomplishments" section. The TIA system's page simply has TBA in that section, adding to the overall creepiness.
posted by Jimmy 7:37 AM

Casey on letting teachers choose textbooks.

Willy on how you can be morally for Saddam’s ouster without being for a war.

Skippy with a brilliant idea to combine a new DHS building with a new stadium.


We’re spending $3 Bil to fill in the holes we made in Afghanistan.

Woman in DC Morgue fridge dead, but perhaps had pulse on arrival.

Outgoing Gov. Glendening makes last ditch effort to screw MD economy.
posted by Jimmy 7:05 AM

Jim Grichar piece on the bloated intelligence community. Ok, ok. I know I shouldn't tip my hand that I read www.lewrockwell.com. It makes me look a little fringey.
posted by Jimmy 6:40 AM

All three of you. Evie posts about an
IHS shindig on December 6-8.
posted by Jimmy 6:30 AM

The race begins for DC Mayor in '06. The City Paper
looks at the potential candidates. Mostly Councilmembers with a focus on Linda Cropp as a possible frontrunner. I wish they'd look outside the usual suspects. This town government needs an enema.
posted by Jimmy 6:21 AM
Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Mr. Agitator does a lovely job of disputing Steve Clemons’ paper that says free-market think-tanks are shills for corporations (WaPo story here), so I won’t go into that. What I will do is look at his motivation. Perhaps he incorrectly feels that free-market tanks get more corporate money. And further, that this money trickles down the food chain to the number 2 thinker at these tanks. And that this doesn’t happen if you work for a tank that promotes the “radical center” whatever that means.

You see what I’m getting at here – it could be sour grapes that he’s not rolling in this perceived tub of corporate cash. How would he get that idea? Non-profits have to file a form 990 with the IRS every year that includes compensation of the top folks. He could have found the info online, like I did in about 2 minutes.

According to the form from last year (pdf), Clemons only took home $112,000 in basic compensation, versus the $155,000 for the EVP at Cato (pdf), or the especially juicy $195,000 for Heritage’s EVP (plus a $100k bonus)(pdf), or the dreamy $258,000 for the EVP at AEI (pdf).

Motivation to write a paper with no basis in fact? Probably not. It’s most likely just sloppy investigative work. Or gala-envy. But I do wonder if he’s eying a house in Kalorama. Or a Benz. And wondering if his peers have the cash to summer in The Vineyard while he’s toiling away at the radical center center.

posted by Jimmy 8:24 AM
Tuesday, November 19, 2002

After reading the Libertarian v. Republican banter in Agity’s comments section, I tried to reflect a bit on why small “l” libertarians seem increasingly disillusioned with voting Republican and are willing to toss a futile (but principled) vote to a Big L. (Radley even threatens a spite vote for a Big D.) So I thought back about which issues were important to me during the presidential campaigns in 1980 and 2000, how things have changed over the last twenty years, and why I’ve grown less interested in voting for Republicans.

So here are some campaign issues from 1980. The ones in italics are the ones that libertarians might not like.

Decreasing the role of government in our lives
Supply-side economics
Moderately bellicose foreign policy
Balanced budget
Ban on abortion
Against the Equal Rights Amendment
Against funding for “renewable energy resources”
Against a federal jobs program
Against SALT II

Increasing government programs
Increasing government aid
Command-and-control economics

Non-bellicose foreign policy
National health insurance

For the Equal Rights Amendment
For funding for “renewable energy resources”
For a federal jobs program

So in this (non-scientific) sampling, libertarians can clearly identify the lesser of two evils. Most of Reagan’s platform advanced the cause of smaller government. The items that we may quibble about are not clearly anti-libertarian:

Reagan did not have an overly hawkish view of the world – there were valid strategic reasons to be against SALT II other than wanting a bigger war machine. Being against the Equal Rights Amendment didn’t necessarily mean you were against women having equal rights – there were plenty of things in that bill that libertarians would not like. Being pro-life is not a deal-beaker, either. Plenty of libertarians hold the view that individualism is irreconcilable with abortion.

Carter was an obvious no-go for libertarians. He believed every problem could be solved by a new government program. His economic policy hurt the already weak economy. And while he had some foreign policy successes, he was by no means a non-interventionist. His foreign policy could at best be characterized as peaceful interventionism and at worst feckless meandering.

Contrast this choice between Reagan and Carter with our most recent presidential campaign:

For a small tax cut
Smaller government
More federal involvement in education
For vouchers
Funding a prescription drug program
For Social Security privatization
For banning some “soft money”
For some tiny gun control measures
For affirmative access, but not quotas
For some military adventurism

For a tiny tax cut
Streamlined government
More federal involvement in education
Against vouchers
Funding a prescription drug program
Against Social Security privatization
For banning some “soft money”
For some small gun control measures
For affirmative action, but not quotas
For some military adventurism

The two are fairly similar. They both agreed that at least some Americans should get a small tax cut. They both talked a big game on making government more efficient. They both wanted the federal government to have a heavier hand in education. They both endorsed small gun control measures. They both wanted to fund a prescription drug program. So, unlike the 1980 election, these two agreed on many more issues. They differed not on ideology, but on degree or methodology.

So, when I voted for Bush in 2000, I did so somewhat grudgingly, because he was significantly less libertarian than past Republican candidates.

But Bush shared two pet issues with libertarians: Social Security privatization and school vouchers. So, I voted for him.

And what really gets my panties in a twister is that he has the balance of power and approval ratings to make these things happen, but won’t. Which means that I’ve been duped.

So, he hooked a lot of libertarians, but eventually fell short on just the issues they care about. And that’s why I’m disillusioned.

posted by Jimmy 3:25 PM

Agity's piece on John J. Miller's recent NYT piece is a stellar rant - but the real fun is in comments section, where Libertarians and Republicans are getting a little heated.
posted by Jimmy 7:07 AM
Sunday, November 17, 2002

A new stadium could cost as much as $542 million. And Mayor Williams has indicated DC would pony up $200 million for it. In a city that overspent $323 million this year. In a city with one the the highest tax rates in the country. And failing schools. And a murder every 36 hours. And this seems sensible?

[link via Ricky]
posted by Jimmy 6:52 AM