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Friday, December 13, 2002

The DC arts commission was
throwing in bogus bids during their Party Animals auction.
posted by Jimmy 7:17 AM

Joshie visits the national Christmas tree on the ellipse at 10:59 pm, and briefly catches a glimpse before they turn it off at 11.
posted by Jimmy 6:51 AM
Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Ricky's bolted from Blogspot. Check out his new digs
here for more information than any one man should really know about sports.
posted by Jimmy 8:47 AM

So, I’ve tried to lay off posting about non-DC items, but since Radley’s posted his “
Favorite Ablums (sic) of 2002," I’ll give you my brief thoughts:

Walking With Thee
My Assessment: Correct!

I Am Sam
My Assessment: Wrong! Great bands can’t make Beatles tunes any less dorky. I recommend this record if you are a coverband historian or actually are Sam. Otherwise avoid it at all costs.

Ryan Adams
My Assessment: OK!

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
My Assessment: Correct!

Last Night We Were the Delicious Wolves
Hawksley Workman
My Assessment: Correct!

Sha Sha
Ben Kweller
My Assessment: Poplicious! Aguilera for adults.

This Is Where I Belong
The Songs of Ray Davies and The Kinks
My Assessment: Correct! If you are one of those tribute-album-buying freaks that can identify who covered Cole Porter’s Do I Love You? on the 1990 release of Red Hot & Blue (it was Aztec Camera, by the way), then I implore you to purchase this one over the retarded soundtrack above.

The Last Broadcast
My Assessment: Correct!

Kill the Moonlight
My Assessment: Correct!

Electric Sweat
The Mooney Suzuki
My Assessment: Right on! I’d pick this over Coldplay as my 02 fav.

Drunken Lullabies
Flogging Molly
My Assessment: Right off! As someone who loves both punk songs and Irish tunes, I am surprised at horrible it is to combine them. You would think that the rawness of the punk influ and the folky big-picture spirituality would come together in an interesting way. And it does. It’s interesting that something so original could also be so terribly annoying. It’s like listening to a fourteen-year-old who just bought a distortion box covering the alligator song. Run, don’t walk, away from this album.

A Rush of Blood to the Head
My Assessment: Brilliant!

Agity’s got great takes on some of these, you should really go read the post.

posted by Jimmy 8:33 AM

Gene Genie takes on the warbloggers with an interesting thought about al Queda (remember them?) and the steady movement towards war in Iraq:

I’m continually amazed and annoyed by ideological compatriots who understand the Laffer Curve and buy into rational choice theory and yet stubbornly, myopically insist on a static theory of terrorist recruitment. “They’re crazy, and they hate us.” Yes, but won’t certain policies create more of them? Like, if we conquer Iraq, take over its oil fields, forcefully suppress ethnic separatism, and use the country as a staging point to bring about regime change in Iran and Syria, won’t that create more of them? “No, they’ve got all the reasons they need to hate us. Did I mention that they’re crazy?”

He also poses an interesting question: Is it possible that al Queda blew it's wad on 9/11? Or that we've successfully routed them? The implication is that if so, we should stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and start focusing on ways that we can avoid creating new recruits for terrorist organizations, like not pre-emptively striking successfully-contained countries, for one.

I'm not brave enough to say that al Queda has been successfully beaten (neither does Gene, really), but I think it is an interesting question. Like all of the "Wars on X" that aren't really wars, it's impossible to ever declare them complete. But when we reach a point at which DC residents are more likely to get toasted by a fallen powerline than a 737, we may want to start thinking about the liberty stuff again.

This dude would be in serious danger of getting added to my blogroll if he lived in DC and posted more often.

posted by Jimmy 7:56 AM
Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Reason's got a
new blog. I'm looking forward to a little corner-smiting blog action.
posted by Jimmy 7:38 AM
Sunday, December 08, 2002

After years of bragging to their friends that they live near the Vice President, Mass Ave Heights residents are now busy complaining to their friends that they live near the Vice President.
This WaPo piece describes the mysterious loud blasts coming from the property, rattling windows and dentures alike in the posh neighborhood of old money Washingtonians.

The Post addresses the many theories behind the noises - from bunker-building to oil-drilling - and gets neighborhood descriptions of the noise. From Davis Street resident Joe Rieser on the "remarkable" noise:

It's like thunder -- it rolls. The windows rattle. It's not something I'm used to. I'm concerned whether there are cracks in my house.

From neighbor Phyllis Bonanno:

Everybody appreciates that there's always national security issues. On the other hand, this is a neighborhood. We're owed the courtesy of an explanation.

From neighbor Carol Hindle:

I'd like to know more, but I do not trust that what I hear would be the whole truth. This is Washington, after all.

My fav from Iza Warner, who had a dinner party spoiled after one of the blasts knocked a mirror off her wall:

One guest said, "Oh, my God, what is going on -- an earthquake?" She said it sounded just awful. I called the police, and they looked around but they couldn't tell us anything.

Everyone was worried about national security ruining individual liberty. But dammit, who will address the effect of national security on DC socialites and their dinner parties! Shrimp will be flying. Crudite will be jostled. Witty reparte will be interrputed. Worst of all, there will be no possible way to make certain the souflees won't fall at the moment of presentation.

Where will the madness end?
posted by Jimmy 12:34 PM